Trade Finance

The term trade finance simply means financing a trade and in broader sense it typically relates to an international trade & commerce, which in turn refers to the financing of commodities or goods or services, import and export from one country to another country and also relates to various guarantees and payment assurances.

So, for a trade to happen, generally three parties are required: a seller/exporter to sell the goods; a buyer/importer to buy the goods and a financier such as a bank or a financial institution who can facilitate/complete the Trade by financing the trade.

Trade Financing can be direct or indirect. For relatively small size trade, for example, below USD/EURO 100,000.00 financing are generally done on CASH basis while for higher amounts, financing are done in an indirect way i.e. by issuing an acceptable financial/payment guarantees to the seller/exporter like letters of credit, standby letters of credit, letters of guarantees etc.etc.

Trade finance consultancy

Trade finance consultancy is very useful for a customer who regularly uses trade finance facilities for his importation of goods. Using this service, an importer can get huge benefits and can save huge sums of money plus time. The advantages are:

  • Advice on cost effective solution for their importation.
  • Drafting of instruments on their behalf such as LC/BG/SBLC etc.
  • Benefits of importing using a deferred LC as opposed to sight LC.


The term trade finance simply means financing a trade and in broader sense it relates to an international trade


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